So what do I get when I book the Wuddabooth?

Packages start at $450. Complete packages start at $595


Professional Lighting and Imaging

Professional Lighting, Imaging and Printing equipment that will deliver the best, most high quality photos and prints that you come to expect from a photobooth.


Open Architecture. Bring everyone

The More the Merrier! There are no walls to limit your creativity with achieving the most fun and most memorable shots. Bring a friend or two, three or ten.


Instant Gratification

Why wait for the gallery to show a week later? While that is also included.You can have YOUR shots delivered to your smartphone or tablet in real-time. Like RIGHT NOW! Photos are delivered via email. Note: Although WI-FI is required for INSTANT, REALTIME photo reception. It is NOT NEEDED for the entire booth to operate.


Custom Designed Prints

Every package includes your own custom designed print. Higher Packages will have UNLIMITED Prints. Note: Prints are not available on the Wuddabooth Selfie Digital Photobooth.


Gorgeous Sequin Backdrops

Beautifully handmade sequin backdrops including “MERMAIDS” that allows you to “write” a simple illustration or words. Note: Starting Packages will have our standard white or black cloth backdrops. Higher Packages will feature our custom made sequin/mermaid backdrops.


Highly Interactive Touch Screen

No more waiting for the booth attendant to start the fun. Just tap the screen, the craziness starts! And you can even see a live view of yourself in real-time while it is counting down! You can preview each shot as it is taken including a digital version of the print.



We bring the funniest and most high quality props that will add “flavor” and “personality” to each shot. We bring all the best themed props for every type of event. You can really get creative with them. Use one prop for the first shot. Use another for the 2nd shot.

NOTE: Props are included in our STANDARD AND PREMIUM PACKAGES. Please contact us for detailed package information.

shootproof_online gallery.jpg

Digital Files + Beautiful Online Gallery

Within one week of your event. You will see ALL your Wuddabooth photos ready to be shared and viewed with all your friends and family. Digital Files are INCLUDED so you can download ALL your photos to your heart’s content!


Booth Attendant

A professional booth attendant will be there from START to FINISH to ensure the smoothest and most AMAZING experience for you and your guests.